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About A Positive Force

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A Positive Force Leadership Alliance is a community-based, nonprofit 501c3 organization that is dedicated to providing training and educational programs to all individuals with an emphasis on youth leadership development, financial literacy and empowerment, and civic education. 

The mission of A Positive Force is to educate, empower and encourage program participants to live a productive lifestyle and to become productive citizens within society.

We aim to provide assistance in the personal and professional development of various individuals to become empowered, employed and enabled to attain a lifestyle of continuous enrichment.


Participants gain valuable resources and tools as our programs and services are designed for the self-sufficiency of the individual, to provide family stability and to develop one’s character enhancement.


Leadership Development


  • Training and Development

  • Mentorship Programs

  • Life Coaching

  • Community Development

Training Programs


  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Financial Literacy

  • Social Justice & Racial Equity



  • Wealth Empowerment

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Job Skills and Resources

  • Life and Social Skills

Community Development


  • Community information meetings

  • Collaborations with businesses and organizations

  • Networking and more!

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Do not wait on a leader,
look in the mirror,
it's you!

Get involved...Contact APF!

Phone: ​916-370-7729​


Mailing Address: PO Box 276732

Sacramento, CA  95827


APF Youth registering people to vote at WWE Wrestling Match


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