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Leadership Development

A Positive Force Leadership Alliance (APF) is a community-based, nonprofit organization “dedicated to providing assistance in the personal and professional development of various individuals to become empowered, employed and enabled to attain a lifestyle of continuous enrichment.” Our programs and services are designed for the self-sufficiency of the individual, to provide family stability and to develop one’s character enhancement. Participants gain valuable resources and tools to become productive citizens within society.


A Positive Force is dedicated to providing training and education to all individuals with an emphasis on youth leadership development.  A Positive Force's mission is to educate, empower and encourage program participants to live a productive lifestyle and remain productive citizens in society.

APF is committed to enabling individual self-sufficiency and family-sufficiency for youth and adults by providing necessary social and community services and resources. It is our intent to aid those individuals in achieving goals and outcomes toward financial and employment stability and to develop individual skills necessary to support themselves and their children, and to become a stable family unit-- able to manage societal pressures. As a result of these services provided, the individual, involved families and the general community will benefit from the demonstrated high level of individual success in these areas.
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